Printable: Monthly Brainstorming and Doodling Planning Pack Issue #1


The Incited Inc. Monthly Brainstorming and Doodling Planning packs are designed to get you organised and help you reach your goals (including the fun ones). Created BY a paper lover FOR paper lovers, this pack has room for you to scribble, doodle and flesh out your big ideas and dreams on. This pack offers you more space than a traditional diary or planner gives you, giving you the chance to get creative and to think BIG. The benefit of planning on paper instead of on a digital device is you can lay your blueprint out in front of you to see everything at once.

Issue #1 includes:

  • To Do List
  • Fitness and Nutrition Plan
  • Making Time For The Things I Love
  • Personal Goals
  • Learning Plans
  • Career and Business Plan of Action
  • Monthly Budget

Beautifully presented for you to capture your thoughts and dreams, and to inspire you to brainstorm your best life.


As a stationery fanatic, I have an obsession with diaries. I love them. But the one problem I have is there is never enough room to plan and brainstorm in them. So, I created a monthly planning pack to map out my fitness, finance, career and learning goals for each month, as well as what my personal and passion plans of action need to be. This way, I am achieving in all areas of life. Right on! Once I’ve drafted my awesome blueprint, that’s when I pull out my diary and slot in when and where I need to be to make my plan come to life.

If you are like me, then a brand new planning pack is hard to resist. I bet you can’t wait to grab your pens and pencils to start writing, doodling and scribbling all over them. I will be creating new monthly packs throughout the year, and will be sharing them with you right here on Incited Inc.

Get your planing freak on and grab issue #1 right now, and get yourself incited.

Pages: 8

Cost: $8



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