How to be a weekend warrior in life and business

Instagram - How to be a weekend warrior in life and businessIt’s the weekend! Party time! Excellent. For some, it’s time to catch up on snoozin’, or maybe do a little boozin’, and take advantage of the extra free time to hang with the people they love. For others, the weekend gives them the chance to go after a goal, such as mastering a skill, improving their fitness, or working on a passion project. For me, I like my weekend to include a bit of everything. Yes, I am greedy.

Ideally, I like my weekends to include catching up with family and friends, smashing some goals, relaxing and planning for the week ahead. Now, it is all well and good to say I want my weekend to roll out like that, but sometimes it doesn’t. Which usually means on a Sunday afternoon I am kicking myself because I feel like I’ve wasted precious time doing nothing. Do you do that?

I find if I don’t have a specific plan, I am just hanging in limbo ALL weekend. I’ll be torn between wanting to be active and productive, and wanting to chill out on the couch and snore my head off. And, instead of doing either of those things, I do nothing. Nothing!!. So, to maximise my weekends, and ensure I achieve what I want to, I have become a weekend warrior.

What is a weekend warrior? I know, I know, it sounds like a character from the movie Thor or the television show Vikings. And as much as I’d love to be playing a shield maiden alongside Chris Hemsworth or Travis Fimmel (because lets face it, they are both spunks), a weekend warrior is simply someone who efficiently manages their weekend to take advantage of their time away from weekday work and life commitments.

This is an excellent plan for two reasons:

  1. It means not wasting a single moment, even if your plan is to nap all weekend and only wake up to stuff your face.
  2. Planning fun stuff in advance means you have time to get excited about it.

I know, all too well, how fast our weekends go, so I’ve come up with some tips and a FREE PRINTABLE for you to map out a plan and  make the most of every moment:

My Weekend Printable

Combine activities: I am a huge fan of accomplishing two things at once, so I try to get creative with my plan and do things such as stalking the Hemsworth brothers on Instagram while listening to a podcast, so it becomes both a pleasurable and informative activity. Another favourite you might like to try is doing a workout with a friend so you get to tick socialising and exercising off your list in one hit. Boom!

Break from your weekday routine: Even if you are in a job you love, you need a break from the weekday grind so you start the new week recharged and refreshed. While some people like to be productive on their days off, others will benefit by switching off completely. This could include finding a comfy spot on the couch to read a book or binge watching a favourite tv show. Or if you want a change of scenery, a road trip to visit family or visit somewhere new.

Make it count: The weeks fly by and it can be hard to fit in time with our loved ones, or  spend time working on projects we love. The weekends are perfect for making time for what is important to you. For example:

  • If you have kids, plan quality time with them to create memories. Activities can be as simple as going to a park for a picnic, doing art and craft projects, watching a movie, or working in the garden.
  • If you hate your job, use the weekend to work on a side hustle. Do some reading, goal setting, brainstorming, and skill development to move you towards a job you love. (Read how I created a business I love here and check out business planning printables here)

Plan for the week ahead. We all know that to have a successful week we need to spend some time on the weekend planning and preparing for the week ahead. I like to spend time on a Sunday planning my workouts (which at the moment is walking every day and weights three times a week), and the food I will eat (which is everything in sight). Having a plan means I can organise my shopping, wash my workout gear, and work my goals around the kids.

Now, the good news is that we get a weekend once a week so we don’t have to cram everything in on the one weekend. Hooray!!! Nonetheless, it feels good to rejuvenate and set ourselves up for a successful week.


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