Welcome to Incited Inc. – the online headquarters for Incited. I’m Lynda, the founder and operator of Incited, and I create content and printables to inspire you to brainstorm fantasmagorical ideas for life and business. Incited’s printables are designed for you to sketch and scribble all over, so if using paper and pens is your bag, then you are in the right place.

Incited Inc

Incited will help you if:

  • You want to create a life that rocks your jocks.  You’ll find printables and content on Incited Inc. that you can use to set goals and make plans for a life packed to the brim full of stuff you love to do. Get some pens, grab a few Incited printables, and plan something epic.
  • You want to identify your talents, skills, interests and strengths, and use them to create a rockin’ business. We’re always getting told to “follow our passions”, but some of us have no idea if we even have one to follow. If you don’t know what your passion is, then you are not alone. I spent years trying to figure out what mine was, and then I decided I wasn’t waiting any longer – I took control and cultivated my own passion. What is it? Well, it’s Incited and I love it sooo much. I’ll be sharing questionnaires, templates and worksheets for you to use to discover what it is you love to do and how to become great at it (oh, and if you end up wanting to write or blog about what you love to do, then I’ll even have some templates and tips to help you with that too!).
  • You want to be more organised, productive and purposeful so you can spend more time doing what you love. My life is jam packed full with studying, homeschooling my daughter, and all of life’s other responsibilities (cooking, sleeping, fitness, napping, dreaming about the Hemsworth brothers, etc.). I want to manage my life better so I have more time for the things I love, especially my family. Is that what you want too? Well, I’ll share printables here to help us both find the perfect balance of work and play.

I want to get you thinking about what you want your life to look like. It is my mission to help you get the ball rolling. I will give you the tools to create your own blueprint to follow, and incite you into action.


In a world where everyone has gone cray cray for technology I am a bit of a rebel. While I love using my computer and phone, nothing gives me a bigger buzz than grabbing a bunch of colourful pens and a wad of paper to create, plan and organise my life and business. But then, I have always been a bit of a disruptor. Proudly standing at less than five-feet tall,  I am a disco-dancing chubster, who hates wearing shoes, and is a night owl. See, told you I was a rebel.

Although I am teeny tiny, I dream big. I am forever coming up with life goals in areas such as travel, money, learning, and I have notebooks full of business ideas. I am a planner and a list lover. I am a doodler and a journal keeper. I get excited about my dreams and I believe that by putting them on paper they become my blueprint for life. Most nights, while the rest of my crew are snoring their heads off, you’ll find me tucked up in bed with a notebook and a bunch of pens and markers, and I’ll be in a brainstorming and doodling frenzy while watching a home renovation show.

If you are like me and you get a kick out of using a good old pen and paper, then my printables are going to make you want to do cartwheels. I know how powerful and exciting brainstorming ideas can be when you are working on your epic business and life plans, so I create printables for big thinkers like you and me to write, scribble, sketch and doodle on (and they are much more fun than using the back of an envelope or a napkin to capture your brilliant ideas on!).

When you look back over your completed printables you’ll notice your brainstorming notes and doodles will often have themes. You’ll work out what is important to you and what you are naturally inspired by. That is exactly how I came up with the idea for Incited.

Want to know a bit more about me? Well, here is what makes me happy:

  • Drinking green smoothies for breakfast. I love them. Unfortunately, I also love chips.
  • Spending my weeks in the country and my weekends at our beach shack (OK… it’s a caravan).
  • Singing loud and laughing louder.
  • Watching Tom Hardy movies while stalking Joanna Gaines. I’m a little obsessed with both of them.
  • Going for a walk while listening to a podcast (my current obsession is Jenna Kutcher). I love my daughter and foster kiddies, but man, I love having 30 minutes to myself.
  • Asking people about their life and career plans. I am a sticky nose, so if I meet you, I’ll ask you. Consider yourself warned.
  • Hanging out with my hubby. I got sooo lucky with this guy. He is a big spunk AND is also hilarious. We laugh ourselves stupid every day. I’m also pretty funny, so I guess he got lucky with me too.
  • Homeschooling my daughter. She has dyslexia and works best with one-on-one learning, so I get to spend every day with my girl and I freaking love it. She rocks. She is the smartest and funniest kid I know.

My goal is to make you feel as excited about life as I am.  Why not get started right now? Print off a few printables, grab a few pens and pencils, get yourself comfy, and brainstorm a passionate and purposeful life. Sounds fun and exciting, right? It is!

Let’s get Incited!