6 ways to smash your business goals this month

Right. We’re getting organised. We’ve got a lot we want to achieve over the next 12 months, and we know we gotta break it all down into bite-sized chunks so we don’t freak out and scare ourselves. Now, although we want to take this one step at a time, we need to make sure we stay on track towards our overall goal of running a successful business (or two).

You see, as well as Incited Inc, we both run a side hustle selling jewellery. Over the last couple of months, we’ve realised we are not alone in the hustle. We’re meeting women all the time who are juggling running a home as well as trying to earn an income. We’re learning from these women that to manage everything well, they need to be organised and they need to have clear goals of what they want to achieve.

So, we’ve come up with a few tips to help us all out:

  1. Get a calendar: Plot in your work days, your family days, planning days, development days and self-care days for the next month. Having your month planned out and available to view at a glance will help you set the direction of your month and keep you on top of everything.
  2. Set a big, bold monthly goal: Be brave and aim high. Nothing great was ever achieved by thinking small. Once you have your big goal, break it down and plan the steps you need to take this month to make it happen.
  3. Set your monthly sales targets:  A monthly sales target won’t seem so overwhelming if you break it down and set weekly targets. How many sales do you need to make each day, each week to hit that monthly target? You gotta know what your aiming for.
  4. Book yourself solid: Whether you are a writer, manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler, photographer, or direct seller, you need to set goals around client targets. Have a booking blitz a couple of  times a month, with a clear strategy of the outcome you want.
  5. Create a social media plan: Don’t get stuck trying to think of content to put on social media each day. Spend 15 minutes brainstorming ideas now, and map out  a plan. Think of the images you will need to take and the stories you want to share. Don’t forget, you want to be providing value to your clients, so make sure you keep them in mind when you are planning your content so that you are posting with intention.
  6. Improve your skills: To become great at what you do, and to improve each month, you need to dedicate time to personal development.  If you are stuck thinking of what skills you need to be working on, look at others in your industry. Always be striving to be the best you can be.

OK, so to help you put your monthly blueprint into place, we’ve created a printable template where you can brainstorm ideas for all of the above. It’s a monthly business planner, and you can grab that here.

Monthly Business Planner

And to help you manage your progress day-to-day, we’ve got a FREE printable you can grab here. It has room for you to schedule your day, a to-do list, and also room for brainstorming and taking notes. We like to use these on days when we are feeling that life is a little chaotic and we need to feel in control. That’s pretty much every day, really!

My Day


Now, grab your printables, get planning and incite  yourself into big, bold action, for big fantasmagorical results.


Let’s do this.


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