5 Podcasts to listen to if you want to start a business

Incited Inc - 5 Podcasts to Listen to if You Want to Start a BusinessWe’ve only been on the podcast train for about a year, and we have to tell you, we think they are freaking awesome. In fact, we have made listening to a podcast part of our daily routine. Yep, every morning we have our headphones on to get our daily dose of inspiration and a whole lot of business ideas. Now, because these podcasts are usually successful people interviewing other people who have also become incredibly successful in their field, we get heaps of advice, tips and information from experts for free.

OK, so here are our Top 5 podcasts to listen to if you want to start a business

Goal Digger (Jenna Kutcher) – Jenna is an award-winning wedding photographer from Wisconsin, who has built a huge following thanks to her business and marketing advice. We are always listening to Jenna’s podcasts because they are jam-packed full of value. Jenna shares exactly how she built her photography business, which she started without any formal training, and she also interviews people from a range of industries to hear the marketing strategies they are using to create their mini-empires. In our opinion, Jenna’s brand will become huge because she is creative, determined and very clever. We have to admit, we are slightly obsessed with her because she makes us feel like there is nothing stopping us from achieving the same level of success she has. We love the passion in her voice, we love how much she loves what she does, we love her ambition, we love her honesty, and we just love her.


Problogger (Darren Rowse) – If you are considering blogging as a career, or even using a blog as part of your marketing strategy for your business, then the Problogger website is going to become your blogging bible. It contains around 8,000 articles covering pretty much every aspect of blogging. Its founder, Darren Rowse, is an Australian blogger, author and speaker, who is known all over the world for his work with Problogger and he is now sharing everything he knows about blogging on his podcast.


Mums with Hustle (Tracy Harris)  –  Another great Australian podcaster, Tracy Harris started Mums with Hustle for women who want to build a business around being a mum. We love Tracy because she gets that just because some of us might want to stay at home with our kids, doesn’t mean we aren’t ambitious. Her podcasts are interviews with women who have turned a hobby into a business, or who are using the skills they’ve picked up working for other people, to create their own empires. This podcast is great if you are looking for inspiration or ideas on how to handle starting and managing a business, along with all the responsibilities that come with being a parent.


Smart Passive Income (Pat Flynn) – Pat started Smart Passive Income back in 2008, after he was laid off from his job. He used SPI as a way to communicate what he was learning about earning money online, using his own businesses as case studies and publishing his income reports on his blog. If you are planning to set your business up online then the SPI podcast will get you thinking about ways you can generate income through avenues such as affiliate and email marketing. Check it out!


The Creative Empire (Reina Pomeroy and Christina Scalera) – This podcast is great if you are wanting to turn your unique idea into a successful business. Reina and Christina chat with creatives to give you tips and tricks on how to transition to a full-time entrepreneur. If you are struggling to come up with a viable business idea, then this podcast will give you plenty of inspiration on how you can turn a passion into a business. We love hearing about how people have turned their passions into a business, or who have started a business that has become their passion, so this podcast is right up our alley.


Free Printable

My Podcast Notes Printable

We always make sure to have a pen and paper handy to write down key points and ideas we have while listening, however, because we scribble them on scrap pieces of paper or on the back of envelopes, we are always losing them. So, we’ve  created a template for us to record our notes and  ideas on, and we keep all of them together in a folder. As we can’t instantly implement every great idea we have (damn it!), keeping them in a folder means we won’t forget them.

You can get a copy of the My Podcast Notes template here.

Do you listen to podcasts? Who is your fave?



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